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Children in Kapeeka live in extraordinarily poor conditions. They face the dangers of extreme hunger and disease, and a grinding cycle of poverty. By joining with COVE Alliance, you can improve their lives and create a real possibility of constructive change in their futures.

Your sponsorship provides a child with education, clothing, healthcare and nutrition. Sponsored children are taught the life skills that will allow them to become self-sustaining in the future.

As a sponsor you will develop a relationship with your child and infuse a spirit of hope and dignity. You will receive annual reports from COVE Uganda on your child's progress in school, and you will have the opportunity to correspond with your child regularly.

More than 200 children are sponsored at COVE!
Sponsor a Child
Become a sponsor and create a safe harbor where Uganda's orphaned and disadvantaged children can thrive while they prepare for a better future. Your support of $40 or $80 per month will help provide a vulnerable child with basic sustenance, education, and medical care. For more information about sponsorship, please email

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Attention Sponsors
Please note that all letters and gifts for the children should be sent directly to Uganda at the following address (please do NOT send registered mail as this requires significant travel to retrieve from the post office):

St. Jerome COVE Center Kapeeka
P.O. Box 72717
Kampala, Uganda

Please include the child's name and sponsorship number on the inside of the package. For further information, please refer to your "Guidelines for Sponsors" .

Miria - A Success Story
Miria was a shy, reserved 13 year old when COVE Alliance first met her. Now, after graduating from vocational school, she is able to work and provide for herself, her sister, and her cousin.

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A Heartwarming Story of
"Father" and "Son"

Sponsored child Over the years, COVE has seen many blessings develop from the relationships between sponsored children and their sponsors. Sponsors often take on the role of friends, mentors, and caregivers. Read about one particularly special relationship.

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