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Dear COVE Sponsors, Supporters and Friends,

We want to take this opportunity to update you on our accomplishments last year and our goals for 2018. We are most grateful for your continued support and prayers and for making it all possible.

We are providing education for approximately 200 students at St. Jerome, and an additional 50 in secondary and vocational schools. Of those students, 203 are sponsored and the remaining students' tuition is paid by their parents. Due to the increasing academic strength of our school, and to keep class sizes manageable, we have had to turn away students who wish to enroll as private pay. Our second graduating class is entering high school or vocational school this coming term.

Starting this new academic year, all primary students will be boarding on our campus. Most of our sponsored students already boarded at COVE, so this mainly affects the private paying students, and the tuition charged for those students has been raised accordingly. The need to board all primary students at COVE was brought about by security concerns and the improved academic performance of boarding students. The present classroom facilities should be able to accommodate the additional students, but some of the dorms are overcrowded. Construction of a new dorm is one of our top priorities in 2018.

This past year an adult literacy program was instituted. Approximately 90 people started and 15 stayed with it through completion. This has long been a goal of Father Hilary as so many of his, and succeeding generations, were denied the opportunity for an education because of warfare and political strife. This program is self-funded in Uganda and has not required any support from the U.S., an indication of progress toward one of our goals to promote self- sufficiency.

Our health clinic faithfully serves the campus and the surrounding area. It is often the only source of medical help for many of the residents. We have new dispensary equipment to further enhance our health delivery capability.

A new generator was purchased to provide a more reliable power supply for the entire campus.

Our relationship with the Libertyville based Feed My Starving Children organization was further solidified this year. FMSC will be providing approximately 3,500 nutritious meals through August, 2018. This will be most beneficial as inflation and drought have caused the cost of food to increase over 30% this past year.

Last year a great many people from the U.S. visited Uganda. The visitors provided medical services, educational help and infrastructure improvements. The groups again included students from various institutions who provide invaluable feedback on items from engineering to sanitation and power requirements. We greatly appreciate the efforts of all who made the journey and accomplished a great deal of work, while also providing us some firsthand observations of the operation in Uganda.

We have worked hard to improve our communications with our counterpart board in Uganda. It is not our purpose to micromanage the school activities as they are much better equipped to manage the day-to-day operations of the school, but by sharing ideas and goals, we feel much can be accomplished. .

The farmland COVE owns, approximately 10 miles from the main campus, was improved by making an existing structure habitable. This will provide an opportunity to offer vocational training in addition to proving food for the school and generation of revenue from the raising of a cash crop.

In 2018, we will continue to pursue our goal of sponsors funding the full cost of tuition, boarding and medical care for students. In 2017 sponsorship revenue was approximately 75% of operating expense, a substantial improvement over the 60% coverage the previous year. This improvement was due to an increase in our donor base, sponsors willing to raise their sponsorship fees from $420 to $480 annually and sponsors able to sponsor at the new additional rate of $960. We are extremely grateful for all sponsors, whether you are sponsoring at the $480 level or the $960 level. A recent review of our donor base indicated we actually have sponsors in 17 different states, but the overwhelming majority continues to be primarily from Northern Illinois and the Bloomington, Indiana area.

Our capital projects include one final dormitory to ease the overcrowding of our facilities. We also need to build new toilet and shower facilities to become compliant with Ugandan regulations and offer our children a safe and healthy environment in which to live. We need a new vehicle to serve both as an ambulance and a utility truck. Finally, to ensure that our complex is secure, we need to complete the fencing of our property.

We will continue to pay particular attention to the staff of the school to ensure the level of education we have achieved. Toward this end, we have already funded a series of teacher resource materials and will continue to monitor progress with input from the head teacher and Father Hilary.

We hope to improve our communications with you, our donors, throughout the year. This may be through our web site, periodic email updates and newsletters like the one included in this mailing. We have heard and listened to you in your desire for increased communication, and are striving to improve. Your feedback and ideas are critical to our continued success. Our board meetings are always open and the dates and location can be found on our home page.

We cannot overstate how much we appreciate your support throughout the years. You have enabled us to start from nothing and develop a sustainable school and support system. We hope this letter is informative and expresses our accomplishments and goals for the next year. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

The COVE Alliance Board

State of COVE