COVE Alliance
Children’s Outreach and Vocational Education
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About Us

Focus of Our Work
Our work encompasses the following key areas:

Education: At the heart of COVE Alliance are the educational opportunities that teach young people skills and attitudes for positively impacting their futures. School classrooms, dormitory rooms, and guest apartments are expected to be built at the Center in 2009 and 2010.

Primary Education: In the Children’s Outreach Program, children sponsored through COVE Alliance live with a parent or guardian and attend one of three designated elementary schools within a ten-mile radius of Kapeeka.

Vocational Education: At the future St. Jerome COVE Center, young people will learn life and trade skills that will equip them for sustaining themselves and their families in the future.

Health: A dispensary opened at the St. Jerome COVE Center site in August, 2008. The dispensary provides free healthcare to all students whose primary education is sponsored through COVE Alliance and to those who will become students of the vocational school. It is staffed with a nurse, nursing assistant, midwife, and lab assistant.  A doctor will be available on a rotating basis. COVE’s long range goals are to become a source of care and comfort for the sick of Kapeeka, and to use the clinic as a training ground for future students specializing in the fields of childcare and healthcare.

Nutrition: Nutritious lunches are provided at school through the Outreach Program for children who are sponsored.

Housing: A full needs assessment, including a household survey, precedes a child’s enrollment in the Children’s Outreach Program. As funds become available, basic household needs will be provided to sponsored students.

When it is fully operational, the St. Jerome COVE Center will serve as home to some students enrolled in the primary school and the vocational education program.

Focus of Our Work